teri barnett

.: Fine Art

contemporary paintings

The natural world, translated through color, movement and whimsy, captures my imagination. I toss in a love of mythology, ancient icons, the Up North forests, and art quilts. What you see in my work is the result of this blending.

.: Writing

paranormal romance

I've always liked the odd thing, so it made perfect sense when I started writing romance novels to navigate toward the paranormal side of life. Time travel, other worlds, magic - you'll find it all in my books.

.: Design

commercial design

Like my artwork, I see interior space as bits and pieces of a puzzle, and have for over twenty-five years. When the parts are combined, the end result is a functional, great looking place for you, your staff and your clients.

Teri is available for commissions and consultations. Please contact her at 317.379.3451 or teri at teribarnett.com for more information or to schedule an appointment.