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What would your life look like if you owned it? REALLY owned it? Who would you be? How would you live? What would you do?

In a straightforward, down-to-earth style, How to Be a Kickass Goddess: Twelve Steps to Owning Your Life takes you on a journey directly into You and Your Unlimited Potential. All it takes is the First Step.

Now, grab this book and get busy. The world needs all the Kickass Goddesses she can get...

From the Introduction...

Wouldn't it be great if Life came with an instruction manual to self-awareness? We could climb Maslow's pyramid with ease and grow into our unique, rocking, multi-dimensional selves with grace.

I've learned over the years that, in a way, life does. While there's nothing written on paper to refer to, the Way to Live is encoded within our DNA. It comes forward as flashes of intuition, inspiration, absolute knowing. We understand this when we're children and there are no filters for us. Life is Lived without boundaries and we are connected to everything.

Then we get older and learn how to be good.

This is especially true for us women. Think of all the messages you've gotten in your life about being the good girl - toe the line, don't rock the boat, everyone else comes first, you're only complete when you're in a relationship. And on and on and on it goes.

It took me the first fifty years of my life to work through the layers I allowed culture to place on me. Did you get that? I ALLOWED. I'm taking responsibility here. While society constantly repeats the messages, I finally realized it was my choice whether or not to take them on. I started to wake up and moved a bit closer to self-awareness.

And it is this life long quest for self-awareness that found me breathing with a hundred other women at The Wise Wolf Women's Council on the Blue Star Mountain of Isis Cove, North Carolina in 2011. It was there I birthed the concept for this book which would eventually become my Sacred Activism. You see, I've been a grateful twelve-stepper in Alanon for years and cherish the program and its members. As I sat in process with all these beautiful souls, I understood that we, as women, needed our own unique twelve step program. One that would show us the way of the Kickass Goddess - a path to Owning Our Lives.

Stand in Your Power ~ Own Your Life
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