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Bijoux Mystery Series

Romance is Murder

A dead carver, dueling witches, and more tricks than treats.
Bijoux, Michigan is serious about Halloween and it’s up to Captain Morgan Hart to thwart various hijinks while preventing the town from panicking as she tries to catch a killer who’s turned “trick or treat” into the darkest diversion of all—murder.

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Mistletoe is Murder

Bijoux Mystery Series Book 5

Skeletons with secrets, prohibition pirates, and holiday high-jinks

Morgan Hart is hoping for a boring Christmas. After eight months of murderous mayhem in her hometown of Bijoux, Michigan, she just wants to snuggle under a warm blanket in front of a cozy fire, with a good book, hot chocolate (extra marshmallows of course), and Griselda purring beside her. She might even work up the nerve to ask Caleb Joseph over for dinner. Cal, the attractive owner of the Raven’s Nest bookstore, has become a good friend since Morgan moved back home to take on the job of police captain.

A bestselling mystery author, Cal recently purchased the old Lawrence Mansion on the edge of town and plans to throw a big Christmas Eve bash. But Morgan’s holiday plans—romantic and otherwise—go up in smoke when dark and shadowy secrets are revealed during the clean-up of the 19th century-built home. Can Morgan and Cal uncover the ghostly truth or are they destined for a disastrous deck-the-halls?

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Bijoux Mystery Series Book 1

A dead diva, a rotten romance, and a town full of nosy neighbors...
There hasn’t been a murder in the cozy lakeside town of Bijoux, Michigan in a hundred years. Until now. Bijoux is hosting its annual romance writers’ conference and someone is out to kill all the bestselling authors, leaving newly minted police captain Morgan Hart the job of tracking down a killer intent on taking out the Divas of Romance.

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Mystics are Murder

Bijoux Mystery Series Book 2

What do you do when your star murder witness only speaks ‘Meow?’

When a fortune-telling mystic is found dead at Bijoux’s Annual Psychic Fair (hosted by Caleb Joseph, owner of Raven's Nest bookstore and unofficial town hunk), newbie Police Captain Morgan Hart and her deputy, JJ Jones, are called in to investigate. Trouble is, Morgan’s only witness is Griselda, a black cat with blood on her paws.

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Pumpkins are Murder

Bijoux Mystery Series Book 4

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Cupcakes are Murder

Bijoux Mystery Series Book 3

A cupcake conundrum, a culinary queen on the edge, and a cold-case killer on the loose…

Bijoux is overrun with visitors when a national cupcake baking show comes to town, bringing along with it a murderer with a distaste for sweets.

All books are available in Print and eBook formats

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