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Romance is Murder

A Hart & Steele Mystery: Book 1

There hasn’t been a murder in the cozy lakeside town of Bijoux, Michigan in a hundred years. Until now. Bijoux is hosting its annual romance writers’ conference and someone is out to kill all the bestselling authors, leaving newly minted police chief Morgan Hart the job of calming nosey town people and catching the killer before they strike again.

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Through the Mists of Time

Oracle Dreams Trilogy: Book 1

Due to a childhood accident, which left her with a permanent limp, Valerie has grown up under the watchful eye of her protective parents. When her banker father announces he’s taking the family to Italy to look into an investment opportunity, the romantic young woman who yearns for adventure is unprepared when an earthquake shatters their her to the old city, flinging her back in time to 79 A.D. where she’s thrust into a world of intrigue and danger in the grand home of the darkly handsome, Christos Marcellus. As Valerie tries to keep her wits about her, she is torn between her growing and complicated feelings for Christos and the impending doom of the coming eruption of Vesuvius—knowing it will bring death and destruction.

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Shadow Dreams

Oracle Dreams Trilogy: Book 2

An ancient cult known for stealing souls has resurrected on the peaceful plane of Paran. When Bethany M’Doro’s daughter goes missing, the healer follows her visions to the Earth plane to seek Connor Jessup. Can this broken man overcome his own demons in time to help Bethany rescue the girl from the evil sect before her soul is lost forever?

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Pagan Fire

Oracle Dreams Trilogy: Book 3

In the ancient village of Tintagel, Cornwall when old magic still illuminates the night sky, a young warrior embarks on a quest to reclaim his rightful place and the woman who haunts his dreams….Facing a mercurial goddess, dangerous viking raiders, and the evil man who destroyed their families, Maere and Dylan fight to survive the battles to come, to find their way back home and to each other.


From the elegance of Victorian London to the richness of Ancient Pompeii to the ethereal wonder of the parallel land of Paran to the sweeping enchanted majesty of ninth century Great Britain.

This Box Set contains three stand-alone, sweeping romances blending history, fantasy, and time travel—connected by the prophetic dreams and visions of each heroine and the wise woman named Hekate, who guides them on their journeys.

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Oracle Dreams Trilogy Box Set