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December 12, 2018

I'm the first to admit it, our cats have issues. As soon as the Christmas tree goes up, they start competing with each other to see who will be The Guardian for the evening. They don't really like each other, so there's always a fair amount of hissing while they figure it out. Last night, #GrayCat beat out #BlackCatLou for the coveted spot.

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October 5, 2018

My New Venture

Back in the 90's, I took a run at online publishing. Can you believe it? Long before Amazon or KDP or Lulu or any number of sites. I repped several authors with a focus on romance. I'm excited to say I'm going to give it another try with my own novels. Crow is one of my special birds, a totem, so it was only natural to bring it into my writing world. If you feel an affinity for black birds, look for an appearance of the goddess Morrigu in my soon to be released Pagan Fire, Book 3 in The Oracle Dreams Trilogy.


November 9, 2018

I love cooking this time of year! Fall and Winter just scream for fun and unusual combinations of fruits and veggies. If you're looking for something interesting, try out this Paleo Thanksgiving Stuffing. It's filled with yummy goodness like sausage and cranberries. 


September 30, 2018

Elizabeth Gilbert

This quote right here. If we truly want something in our lives to happen or change, we have to actively pursue it. It's good to hold thoughts and intentions, but active vs passive action will keep us moving toward our end goals.

Paleo Christmas Fruitcake #paleo #paleoe

October 19, 2018

Paleo  Pumpkin  Bread

We mainly eat paleo in my house but I'm not always a fan of the breads. They tend to be overly moist and dense and don't really deserve to be called bread (in my not so humble opinion). Over the years, I've experimented with recipes I've found online, hoping to find that perfect texture. I don't always succeed, but I've gotten close. Here's one of those recipes. I hope you like it!

Night Owl2, Teri Barnett, 6x6, acrylic o

September 28, 2018

Owls Make Me Happy

Growing up, I was that kid who had to always be doing something. Well, always making something, to be exact. When I was 8, I announced to my family I was going to be an artist. I'll admit it wasn't met with the fanfare of when I told them I would be a nurse and take care of all of them when they were old. However, my mom was my biggest cheerleader and told me I could be whatever I wanted. I started drawing from that moment and never stopped.

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